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$39.95 per vent Duct Cleaning. No Limit.

This offer includes a complete source removal duct cleaning. This is the most effective way to clean your air ducts and ventilation system. We use a specialized, powerful vacuum which sucks air and dirt through the system, while brushes are inserted into the ducts to dislodge dirt and debris that are stuck on the inner surfaces. The HEPA filtered vacuum system collects the dirt in a containment unit for later disposal.

Do you know what condition your ducts are in? If you or your family members are suffering from indoor allergies, or you find that your home is dustier than normal, it could be due to dirty duct work. Your ducts not only allow air-conditioned air to pass through and cool your home, they also pull the air back along the ducts and back to the AC. This constant cycling of air means that dust, pollen, dander, and other particulates can build up along the ducts, transferring these allergens throughout your home. This not only decreases the comfort level in your home, it also forces your air conditioner to work harder, lowering its efficiency.

According to the EPA, a very small amount of dirt—just .42 inches—on your coils can reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency by as much as 21%. Think of all the money that you’re wasting each month ignoring your ducts that are housing household dust and debris. And if your home has been recently renovated, remember that your ducts are probably a catch-all for construction debris—debris that can become a magnet for additional dust and irritants to settle on and cling to as your HVAC is running.

It’s recommended that your ducts be checked every two years and cleaned as necessary. How long has it been since yours were cleaned?

Let Us Clean Your Ducts

cover-furniture-iconCover and protect furniture.agitate-dust-iconAgitate and extract dust buildup.
cover-duct-openings-iconRemove registers and cover openingsclean-treat-reinstall-registersClean treat and reinstall registers
duct-hepa-vacuumVacuum with HEPA systemtreat-system-with-biocideTreat entire system with Biocide

When you call Precision Air and Heating to perform a complete duct cleaning, we make sure your ducts get the full treatment so that your system is allowed maximum air flow. We start by protecting your home and furnishings with tarps and plastic to prevent freed dust or debris from settling.

Next, we cover all of your vents to create negative pressure inside them, which will help our HEPA sealed vacuum to remove more dirt. Once your vents are sealed, we hook up the vacuum and let it begin pulling the loose dirt and debris out of your ducts.

When the bulk of the dirt has been removed, we take off your vents and send an agitator down the ducts as far upstream and downstream as possible. This will help free up any debris or particulates that have collected along the sides of the ducts, and will allow our vacuum to continue to pull them free.

While this is going on, we take all of your registers outside and give them a thorough cleaning. Any dust, debris, pollen, or irritants that have built up on the registers is removed.

Finally, before we seal things up again, we completely sanitize your ducts with our biocide treatment. Biocide kills any mold or mold spores that may be hiding inside your ducts, leaving them completely clean and sterile. The final result is a duct system that delivers nothing but clean, cool air.

You’ll notice a difference immediately with less dust, fewer allergies, and an air conditioning system that isn’t working as hard to keep your home comfortable. This means better indoor air quality and lower energy bills. Best of all, you’ll be maintaining the life of your system, so you’ll be saving on maintenance costs or on the cost of a new HVAC.

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No matter how clean you think your ducts are, if they haven’t been cleaned in recent memory, it’s time to have them done. Remember that your HVAC system relies on clean, unobstructed ducts to work properly; dirty ducts could cause a system failure in addition to extra dust and potential allergies. Call today to set up your duct cleaning and start feeling the difference in your home.


  • Offer must be mentioned when setting appointment.
  • Minimum ten vents per household. No Limit
  • May not be combined with any other offer or discounts.
  • Offer not transferable, no rain checks.
  • Offer not valid for some commercial properties.
  • Some Restrictions apply. Call for details.