If I don’t replace my AC filter, will it hurt anything?

Hello everybody Erik Bryan here owner of Precision Air and Heating. Since 1995 we have performed well over 250,000 service calls across the valley. We thought, what better way to show our experience and know how than answering some common home owner questions.
Rick in Phoenix asks. Erik, if I don’t replace my air conditioning filter, will it hurt anything, and when does it need to be changed?
Rick, the number one, single most important thing a home owner can do for their air conditioning system is change the air filter. Most people forget to do this. Does it cause problems? Absolutely. A dirty air filter restricts air to the unit. This system is designed to pull air in, and push air out. If we have something in the middle of that process blocking the ability to do that it creates higher head pressures on the compressor, it creates strain on the motors, the run caps. The entire system is under strain because you simply didn’t change your air filter. Now a lot of people are confused on the timeliness, how often should they change the filter? And, quite honestly there is a lot of different answers to that but simplistically here is what I recommend. It all depends on the quality of filter that you have for your home. The minimum, the very minimum amount of time you should be changing your air filter is once a month, okay. I recommend bi-weekly or twice a month. Every two weeks change it. Don’t buy a home depot throwaway type of filter. Get a good, antimicrobial, electrostatic filter or permanent filter, something you can take out and wash, knock off and put it back in there and use over and over again. BoAir is actually the very best, most recommended filter on the market. You can go to BoAir dot com and you can buy an air filter that has a lifetime warranty on it, ninety-five percent filtration, five part antimicrobial filter, permanent, take it out, metal frame, wash it off, kick it off, drop it, rinse it again, put it back in. It is the ones I use at home, they work fantastic.
Thank you everybody for sharing your questions. I hope this sheds some light on keeping your home operating properly and as efficiently as possible. If you have any questions regarding your air conditioning, heating, or home performance needs, post your questions on our facebook page and check back for additional videos. Who knows, we might just answer your question next.