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At the beginning of every summer, homeowner’s throughout Arizona, try to push the date in which they start their AC units and at the end of summer they anxiously await for temperatures to drop in order to turn off their AC. Who wants to pay the increasing energy bill during these hot summer months? We’ll anxiously wait no longer!

Precision Air &  Heating is proud to introduce our Home Performance division, featuring our 3 step solution – guaranteed to reduce attic temperatures and therefore reduce your AC energy bill throughout the summer! With the majority of Arizona homes under insulated, lacking in proper attic ventilation and radiant barrier protection combined with summer temperatures reaching well over 100°, your attic temperatures can reach as high as 180°. It’s easy to see how an excessive heat load can cause strain on any AC system and sometimes fixing your AC unit or buying a new more efficient AC Unit may not be enough.


Precision Air &  Heating can help you reduce your monthly energy bill and reduce the heat load on your AC unit by:


Ensuring that you have adequate Radiant Barrier Protection which will lower solar energy gain and lower attic temperatures while increasing the performance of ducting and the transfer of energy.


 Properly Balanced Ventilation helps to control moisture. Unbalanced ventilation can accumulate contaminants such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and radon which can affect one’s health. It can also increase the humidity levels in your home that can lead to mold growth and structural damage to the home.


 Increased Insulation Barriers have been tested and recorded by the Department of Energy and can decrease attic temperatures by up to 40°, it slows attic heat build-up and lowers radiant penetration by 80% or more!


Call Precision Air &  Heating today, and say NO to AC anxiety!!!!



Precision Air & Plumbing November 4, 2016



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