Home Performance Services

A division of Precision Air & Heating, Precision Home Performance provides additional solutions to over heated homes in Arizona.  Precision Air can help cool a hot space with the most energy efficient A/C units in the industry.  But fixing or replacing your A/C may not be the only solution.


Radiant Barrier Protection

  • Lower solar energy gain & lower inside attic temperatures
  • Increase performance of ducting & transfer of energy


Proper Balanced Ventilation

  • Convected intense heat naturally flows up & out
  • Heat load is released from ducting, insulation, & all attic components
  • A/C works less & increases home comfort


Increased Insulation Barrier

  • Properly installed, keeps comfort air in & the heat out
  • Hot & cold spots are eliminated
  • A/C runs less and cycles less
  • DOE recorded level is R-49

Most homes built in Arizona are severely under insulated, lack proper attic ventilation and most have no radiant barrier protection.  With summer temps reaching over 100 degrees across the valley all summer long, super-heating your attic temperatures up to 180 degrees.  This excessive heat load causes a huge strain on your A/C system as it struggles to keep your home cool during these hot months.  Precision Home Performance has devised a simple 3 point solution guaranteed to lower the temperature in your attic and thus reduce your monthly energy bill throughout the summer.

Precision Home Performance

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