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Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair: Common Services

As summer hits Phoenix hard, you are probably wondering whether your AC is holding strong. Perhaps there were some strange sounds coming from your outdoor AC unit that didn’t quite get fixed, or your AC is at the end of its service life. Whatever your reason, it’s critical that you use a reputable, knowledgeable, certified technician. We’d like to share with your some common Phoenix air conditioning repairs. Call Precision Air & Heating today for exceptional AC service.

  • Overheated compressor. All air conditioners rely on the refrigerant cycle to remove warm indoor air and send cooled air through your ductwork (or directly into your home if you have a ductless system). However, if your system’s components have accumulated significant amounts of dust and debris, or if there is an airflow problem in the ductwork, then your compressor may be at risk of overheating. The compressor engine of you’re A/C moves that pressurized refrigerant through the system and coils, but it will not work effectively if it cannot cool down.
  • Frozen evaporator coil. Another airflow problem can lead to a frozen evaporator coil. Your evaporator sits inside the indoor unit. As cool liquid refrigerant passes through its coils, it cools the air extracted from your home, absorbing heat in the process. However, if this cooled air cannot quickly be distributed throughout your house, then the coil may have frosted over.  Thus resulted in a “Frozen” evaporator coil
  • Low refrigerant.  Your AC unit has a certain amount of refrigerant within it known as its “charge.” The right level of refrigerant is necessary for a number of reasons. However, over the course of its operation, your AC’s refrigerant level may drop due to leaks. For example, even a small micro-puncture can lead to a significant decrease in efficiency and performance.  If your refrigerant (or Freon) level is low, you most likely have a leak.  If you have a leak, it MUST be repaired by a professional.

Make sure your home is comfortable and efficient all summer long. For comprehensive Chandler air conditioning repair services, call Precision Air & Heating today!

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    • Precision Air & Heating is truly a reputable company and certainly number one for service in my book. Shawn, the repair manager was extremely helpful and professional. I would recommend them for both installation of a new system as well as repairs on your existing AC.

      George Maloley - Precision Air & Heating George Maloley
    • We were visiting our Arizona home from New York, when on one of the hottest days in August the air conditioning was not working. We called Precision & James Shelton worked to get the air up & running in no time. He was courteous & sympathetic, working hard to repair our central air…we have a warranty & Precision stands behind their work, they are available 24/7… Thank you!

      Karin Reilly - Precision Air & Heating Karin Reilly
    • Service was completed in a timely manner and my technician was extremely knowledgeable. All services were explained to me prior to being completed as far as the need and cost are concerned. My air conditioning unit has been problem-free all year and I believe it’s because of the professional maintenance that I get yearly from Precision Air.

      John Andres - Precision Air & Heating John Andres

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