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Are A/C Maintenance Agreements Worth It?

Precision October 15, 2017

Your air conditioner is the workhorse of your home appliances, and without it your house soon transforms from a cool haven to a broiling oven.  Your favorite air conditioner company offers an A/C maintenance agreement — they claim it’s the best thing you can do for your equipment — but is one of these agreements […]

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Cleaning Air Ducts In Phoenix, Arizona

Precision October 14, 2017

Your air conditioner is one of the best tools you have in the war on pollen, dirt and other airborne debris, but if your ducts are dirty, you’ll be on the losing side every time.  Indoor air pollution is a common problem. It’s often caused by the build-up of those little particles that manage to […]

ac thermostat programmable

What Are Programmable Thermostats, and What Are Their Advantages?

Precision October 12, 2017

There are lots of less than useful ways that people try to save money on air conditioning costs, but installing a programmable thermostat is one surefire DIY cure for your energy expense blues.  Programmable thermostats allow you to directly influence the temperature in your home by creating a schedule of acceptable interior temperatures based on […]

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Should I Replace or Repair My AC?

Precision October 10, 2017

Your air conditioner chugs along reliably each day, never giving you any trouble or refusing to do its job — then one day, it stops.  On that fateful day, you have to make a choice — should you repair or replace your old and faithful air conditioner?  A breakdown doesn’t automatically mean you need a […]

AC Maintenance in Arizona

AC Maintenance in Arizona

Precision October 9, 2017

The desert gives homeowners a unique opportunity to bask in the beauty and quiet solitude of cacti, agave, and rugged terrain, but the desert makes a hard living for your air conditioner. Even so, frequent maintenance can keep your air conditioner running its best despite the harsh conditions. Much of the maintenance that your air […]

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How Are AC Systems Installed?

Precision October 7, 2017

You’ve probably had the privilege of hoisting a window air conditioning unit in and out of the windows of your home a few times, and you may feel a little nervous when thinking about getting a central AC system installed. Many people with forced hot air worry about the modifications to the system that an […]

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Problems With Adding Attic Insulation in Phoenix

Precision October 6, 2017

Attic insulation is like chocolate chip cookies — there’s always room for more. If you’re looking to lower your air conditioner bills, you’ve probably considered more insulation at some point. You may have even gone so far as to have someone come out and install it. Although insulation is a great way to get more […]

new ac unit cost phoenix az

Is it more expensive to install an ac unit on my roof?

Precision October 5, 2017

A new AC system is a big investment, no matter which way you slice it. So when considering what type of system to install and where to place it, the price of the various systems and installations comes into play as well. You may wonder if putting an AC system on your roof will cost […]

planting trees for energy efficiency

Plant Free Trees from SRP to Save on Your AC Bill

Precision September 30, 2017

A lack of shade trees contributes to higher electrical bills in Phoenix and the surrounding area each summer. SRP wants to help change this. That’s why they’re offering SRP customers two free saplings for planting to help create energy savings as customers cool their homes. How Does Planting Trees Save Money? Fully grown shade trees […]

air conditioner smells bad when turned on

Why Does the Air Conditioner Smell?

Precision September 29, 2017

Many people often note that when they turn on their air conditioner, an unpleasant odor comes out along with the cool air. This odor may be temporary, dissipating within a few minutes of running the machine, or it may continue to smell the entire time you run it. There are several explanations for why an […]


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    • Precision Air & Heating is truly a reputable company and certainly number one for service in my book. Shawn, the repair manager was extremely helpful and professional. I would recommend them for both installation of a new system as well as repairs on your existing AC.

      George Maloley - Precision Air & Heating George Maloley
    • We were visiting our Arizona home from New York, when on one of the hottest days in August the air conditioning was not working. We called Precision & James Shelton worked to get the air up & running in no time. He was courteous & sympathetic, working hard to repair our central air…we have a warranty & Precision stands behind their work, they are available 24/7… Thank you!

      Karin Reilly - Precision Air & Heating Karin Reilly
    • Service was completed in a timely manner and my technician was extremely knowledgeable. All services were explained to me prior to being completed as far as the need and cost are concerned. My air conditioning unit has been problem-free all year and I believe it’s because of the professional maintenance that I get yearly from Precision Air.

      John Andres - Precision Air & Heating John Andres