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Carbon Monoxide, the silent killer?

Precision Air & Plumbing January 13, 2018

Carbon monoxide, or “CO,” is an odorless, colorless gas that can kill you. CO is found in fumes produced any time you burn fuel in gas furnaces. CO can build up indoors and poison people and animals who breathe it.Everyone is at risk for CO poisoning. Each year, more than 400 Americans die from unintentional […]

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What is an Air Conditioner SEER Rating

Precision Air & Plumbing January 12, 2018

Ever wonder what the SEER rating of an air conditioner is all about? We’ve take some of the mystery out with the following infographic. Find out what it all means before you buy a new air conditioner for your Phoenix area home. Share this Image On Your Site </p><br /> <p><strong>Provided by Precision Air & […]

AC Repair | Precision Air & Plumbing

Buying a Central Air Conditioner in Phoenix: Everything You Need to Know

Precision Air & Plumbing January 11, 2018

Buying a central air conditioner for your Phoenix home is an important investment. It’s essential to have a reliable unit able to stand up to hot summers without sending your power bill into orbit. Luckily, today’s air conditioning units are far superior to models made just a few years ago. With a little bit of […]

New AC Unit | Precision Air & Plumbing

The Dangers of Closing Air Vents in Unused Rooms

Precision Air & Plumbing January 10, 2018

It seems like a good idea: just close the vents in unused rooms and only control the air temperature in rooms that you use. A lot of people think this tactic will save money by using the HVAC unit to heat or cool fewer rooms. In reality, your unit will run less efficiently and could […]

New AC Unit | Precision Air & Plumbing

Let Your Ears Tell You if Your Furnace is Acting Up

Precision Air & Plumbing January 7, 2018

We might live in the desert, but it can get downright cold inside during the winter months, especially if your furnace is on the fritz. If you suspect your furnace might be acting up, your ears are a great tool in helping you decide if it’s time to call in a professional. It’s Making Grinding […]


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