srp energy saving tips

Did you know…?

Precision December 18, 2016

There was a time when someone would spend a week mapping out and planning all of the essentials needed to take a holiday vacation. Lists on what clothes to pack, the quickest and shortest way to get to your destination, the emergency numbers to EVERY place you would be staying at for the pet sitter, […]

radiant barrier myths

The Top 5 myths of Radiant Barriers

Precision December 15, 2016

Despite years of tested research, some skeptics are still unaware of the true benefits of radiant barrier technology as it relates to the in home heating and cooling system. Radiant Barriers have been providing homeowners with lower energy bills for close to 30 years and have their purposes in the cooling system world much like […]

attic ventilation phoenix arizona

Top 5 Fables of Attic Ventilation

Precision December 8, 2016

In the vast, wide world of home ownership, one of the most talked about fables is that of attic ventilation. It’s full of mystery, intrigue, and untruths. Attic ventilation’s sole purpose is to keep air circulating allowing for both reduced summer time temps and the expulsion of moisture, thus keeping temperatures in your attic low […]

ac thermostat types

Different Types of AC Thermostats

Precision December 1, 2016

  Now that the high temperatures of summer heat are starting to dwindle down it may be time to start thinking about what can be done today to lower the costs of your energy bill next summer. Most electric companies have on peak and off peak hours that document those times that electricity is most […]

new ac unit cost phoenix az

Basic AC Maintenance Checklist

Precision November 17, 2016

1, 2,3… MAINTAIN! Maintaining the condition of you’re A/C unit during off peak season is just as important as maintaining it during those hot summer months. With just a few tips, you can save yourself some money, time and the future hassle of repair bills. The filter – The easiest thing that can be done […]

september 11 2001 pentagon

Where were you…

Precision November 11, 2016

    September 11, 2001 The lives of all who were lost, and for America, are in our hearts and prayers. We will never forget the act of so many “ordinary” people who threw themselves into motion and became heroes. God Bless America!

Erik Bryan - Owner of Precision Air and Heating

Thank goodness…

Precision November 7, 2016

Thank goodness for the Precision Air Night Shift! That’s right, Precision Air & Heating provides 24 hour AC service with a dedicated night shift crew of NATE certified technicians. Unlike other AC companies that charge additional fees to wake up a day shift tech in the middle of the night, our Night Shift staff only […]

new ac unit cost phoenix az

How is your home performing?

Precision November 4, 2016

At the beginning of every summer, homeowner’s throughout Arizona, try to push the date in which they start their AC units and at the end of summer they anxiously await for temperatures to drop in order to turn off their AC. Who wants to pay the increasing energy bill during these hot summer months? We’ll […]

new ac unit cost phoenix az

R22 Phase Out

Precision October 18, 2016

At Precision Air &  Heating, we believe in providing our customers the most relevant information possible so we can assist in helping them make educated decisions about their heating and cooling systems. So let’s start with the basics. What is R-22? Hydrochlorofluorocarbon, a colorless gas better known as HCFC-22 or R-22, is the main ingredient […]

new ac unit cost phoenix az

Service Fee Waived

Precision October 6, 2016

Arizona Summers are hot, really hot. So, when your air conditioner goes out you can Precision twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We’ll even waive the $59.95 service fee with a qualifying repair of your unit. There are no trip charges, no weekend fees and no additional diagnostic fees.  When it comes to […]


What Our Clients Have to Say

    • Precision Air & Heating is truly a reputable company and certainly number one for service in my book. Shawn, the repair manager was extremely helpful and professional. I would recommend them for both installation of a new system as well as repairs on your existing AC.

      George Maloley - Precision Air & Heating George Maloley
    • We were visiting our Arizona home from New York, when on one of the hottest days in August the air conditioning was not working. We called Precision & James Shelton worked to get the air up & running in no time. He was courteous & sympathetic, working hard to repair our central air…we have a warranty & Precision stands behind their work, they are available 24/7… Thank you!

      Karin Reilly - Precision Air & Heating Karin Reilly
    • Service was completed in a timely manner and my technician was extremely knowledgeable. All services were explained to me prior to being completed as far as the need and cost are concerned. My air conditioning unit has been problem-free all year and I believe it’s because of the professional maintenance that I get yearly from Precision Air.

      John Andres - Precision Air & Heating John Andres